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Environment protection

Public opinion (critics), in general, and partners, in particular, expect action, especially from the chemical industry.

This is why the industry must step up to the plate.

How does Protection Hydrofuge put into practice its principle “Do everything possible to save and preserve the environment”?

At least three stages must be considered:

  • product development
  • product manufacturing
  • product use

In new product development, it is essential to ensure that the raw materials will not pollute the environment.

To manufacture Graftex®, which is ISO 9001 TUV-certified, Protection Hydrofuge has turned to an established partner with a solid reputation in the manufacture of paints, varnishes and lacquers: the Dörken corporation of Germany, which has existed since 1892.

Dörken does not use heavy metals, chlorinated hydrocarbons, or substances suspected of being carcinogenic or mutagenic. Also, most of its raw material deliveries are in tanker trucks or silos, so there is almost no packaging to dispose of. All the plastic waste from handling is recycled in special extruders.

The company profile is that of a family business where partners and associates have room to grow.

The threshold limit values prescribed by the emission and immission standards are met in production, thanks to facilities that often allow us to remain well below these values (ventilation systems, containment tanks in the paint production plants and warehouses, etc.).

The concern for environmental protection at Dörken has translated into a multimillion-dollar investment in its facilities, to safeguard its production site in the small town of Herdecke and thus contribute to maintaining a healthy environment in Germany’s Ruhr Valley. In fact, Dörken is even ahead of an eventual tightening of the environmental protection laws.

Dörken’s restructuring of its product line in its building paints divisions in favour of less polluting products has led to a significant reduction in the problematic use of solvents. Hence, the solvent content of Graftex® is less than 3%.

It is time to move from words to action if we are going to save the environment.

This is precisely what Protection Hydrofuge is doing by introducing on the market a certified water-based product that protects against water, gases and graffiti.

Graftex® water repellent treatment is a renewable and sustainable semi-pellicular protection.

According to accelerated aging test results, the GRAFTEX® system will provide water repellent capability to the substrate on which it is applied for 10 years, although with a slight loss of efficiency over time (by water repellent capability we mean the absence of water penetration in a substrate free of micro-cracks and fissures).

Graftex® water repellent is also formulated to facilitate the removal of stains, posters and graffiti using a simple, environmentally-friendly and non-aggressive cleaning method for building surfaces:
hot water pressure washing, at 60 and 90 bar depending on the substrate.

We believe that health, safety and a healthy environment can go hand in hand with the development, manufacturing and use of a highly efficient and renewable product, even in the chemical industry.

It is by adhering to these principles

that Graftex® bridges economy and ecology.