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Graffiti > Brick and stone

Graftex ® water repellent treatment is formulated to facilitate the removal of stains, posters and graffiti with a simple, non-aggressive method of cleaning building structures:

High-pressure hot water washing (between 60 and 80 bar, depending on the substrate)

A much less aggressive method than the use of
solvents, which damage the surfaces you originally
wanted to protect.

Which also means:

No foul-smelling, noxious, toxic or offensive fumes for the applicator, or for people in the vicinity (passersby, building occupants, etc…)

No flammable vapors, always a danger to the applicator, which greatly reduces the accident risk for your company.

No pollution, so environment is protected (plantings, fish ponds, domestic animals, etc…)

No chemical reactions in contact with rubber, asphalt, etc...
Graftex ® is 61% water.