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Waterproofing for concrete and masonry has recently made its appearance on the market. Its combined properties of impermeability to water and permeability to gases have opened up major possibilities that respond to real needs in the building industry. Unfortunately, a lack of information and a certain inexperience on the part of practitioners have resulted in incorrect or badly adapted uses, that have discredited waterproofing treatments as a whole.

Over the past few years, renovation and maintenance work on exterior walls have created an increasing demand for waterproofing treatments, and as a result, more numerous products are available on the market.

Although this may have been a favourable development for manufacturers, architects, have remained technically uninformed, and their confusion has only been increased by the large number of products available.

This prompted the National Research Council of Canada (CNRC) to establish performance criteria and quality standars in order for the product to be approved by the Institut for Research in Construction (IRC) and listed in the registry of Product Evaluation of the Canadian Construction Materials Centre (CCMC), Thermal and Moisture Protection, section 07191

With the advent of the first waterproofing treatment to meet the standards of the CCMC section 70191, the role of waterproofing has gone beyond merely protecting against water to also including protection against gases (atmospheric pollution) and graffiti.

This new masterformat clearly defines the new criteria that a waterproofing treatment must meet to be

By meeting all of these criteria, Graftex‚ waterproofing CCMC number 13023-R, became, in March 2002, the first waterproofing treatment and first graffiti-protection treatment approved by the NRCC, and was entered
into the Registry of Product Evaluation of the IRC and approved by the CHMC (Canada Housing and Mortgage Corporation).